This section is about health effects related to biosecurity and border health. 

Vector-borne diseases are carried by mosquitoes, sandflies or ticks, and can be transmitted to humans. Biosecurity reduces the risk and spread of pests and diseases, including vector-borne diseases. 

Infectious diseases can also spread internationally. Border health protection aims to limit and respond to the international spread of infectious diseases.

About biosecurity and border health

Information about biosecurity and border health in New Zealand, and why they are important for health. 

Indicators at a glance: Biosecurity and border health

Summary of the latest indicators about vector-borne diseases in New Zealand, and international outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Vector-borne diseases


Vector-borne disease notifications

Statistics on the number of cases of vector-borne diseases (transmitted by mosquitoes, sandflies and ticks) in New Zealand.

Infectious diseases


Infectious diseases in the world

Information on the latest international outbreaks of infectious diseases, including avian influenza.