CPHROnline mapping tool

Our CPHROnline website lets you explore geographic health and population data for New Zealand. On CPHROnline, you can find:

  • interactive maps
  • graphs, charts and data tables
  • interactive population pyramids for regions
  • a wide range of health and population topics, including environmental health, child health and Māori health.

CPHROnline will be useful for anyone wanting to access and visualise public health data, from students to health policy-makers. It is an open access website.

Visit the CPHROnline homepage
Visit the CPHROnline Environmental Health Indicators index page

Interactive maps 

cphronline tasinglemap weather

With CPHROnline, you can explore interactive maps at different geographic levels, including: 

  • national
  • regional council
  • district health board
  • local council (territorial authority)
  • census area unit.

 You can compare data from different regions in New Zealand with:

  • single maps
  • double maps (comparing two different sets of data)
  • tables.  

All data displayed on CPHROnline is from publically available sources.   

Data available on CPHROnline 

A wide range of health and population data is available on CPHROnline. Examples of maps and data you can explore on the CPHROnline website include:

For the full range of data and statistics available, visit the CPHROnline homepage

More examples from the CPHROnline website

cphronline tadoublemap weather

CPHROnline pop pyramid example

For more information

If you have any questions about CPHROnline, email Caroline Fyfe

A user's guide to CPHROnline is available on the CPHROnline website, or you can download it here: pdficon small A User's Guide to CPHROnline (pdf)